Our promise is to create a positive learning environment where children have a sense of belonging and well-being. We offer a curriculum that encourages creativity, focus, and engagement to support optimal development (social, emotional, language, cognitive, and physical).
Our curriculum focuses on five different areas:

Music and Movement

Music helps children connect the world of movement and sound with the world of feeling and observations.

Through hearing and learning with live music and real instruments, we promote language development, fine motor skills and coordination.


Book Corner

Children learn language skills from books, whether they are looking at a book individually or being read to as part of a group.

Our carefully-selected books include picture books, educational books, and captivating stories.

Reading is a part of the daily routine at Blue Sky creating a spark for the children’s imaginations and creativity.


Science encourages children to explore and learn about cause and effect, whether they are experimenting with magnets or seeing what happens when you throw a rock or sponge in water.

Children will experience sorting objects, quantifying by comparing, counting and measuring and also 

communicating their findings with others.

At Blue Sky, children learn how things are made, grown or how they work and make observations using their senses.

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Outdoor Activities

Outdoor play is very important as it helps develop gross motor and fundamental movement skills.

At Blue Sky, outdoor play occurs every day, rain or shine, in our covered play area as well as our large, fenced play area.

We believe every opportunity should be given to children to be active. We do this by providing a range of different activities such as ball games, sand-box activities, dramatic play and more.


Creative Art

Art is excellent for developing a child’s fine motor skills and hand-eye coordination through using scissors, painting with brushes and colouring with markers or crayons.

Our Art program also focuses on building a child’s self-esteem through creation and proudly displaying their work. Art helps a child develop their creative thinking and promotes their social skills and problem-solving while also providing them fun at the same time.